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Quality Control Using Advanced Technologies on Distillation and Analysis

We have distillation facilities(batch type and continuous type)which can respond to your needs for removal of small amount impurities and for high purity solvents.
We are able to supply high-quality products such as metal free solvents for semiconductor industry stably.
ICP-MS is installed in the clean room and we established quality control system that customers would be satisfied.

Mass Production With Large Facilities

We have a big reactor, distillation facility and storage tanks which have the capability to produce 20,000 tons of organic compounds per year.
Since the reactors are made of SUS or GL, they can be used for various organic reactions.
We meet the customer's needs for cost down by mass production.

Cost Reduction By Transport By Ship

Our factory is located in the seaside industrial district of Kobe City and faces the Osaka Bay. Its good location makes possible to deliver directly from large vessels and to reduce transportation cost.
As the adjacent tank yard is connected by pipeline, products and raw materials can be accepted and delivered efficiently.

Shinko Yuki Productive Maintenance

The SYPM (Shinko Yuki Productive Maintenance) drive involves comprehensive production activities that the whole company and all employees work on based on 5S activities (arrangement, order, neatness, cleanliness, and training, all start with "s" in Japanese.)
Centered on the activities of equipment maintenance, education and training, and quality control, we aim to improve quality and customer satisfaction much more.
Shinko Organic Chemical Industry has acquired ISO9001:2008 certification expecting synergistic effects with our SYPM.