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As our distillation facilities can be used for precision distillation or simple distillation(bach type and continuous type), we can respond to the diverse needs of the customers.
In recent years, more severe quality is required in solvents for electronic materials and resist.
We are good at thorough metal management and metal reduction processing.

Precision Distillation

  • Ideal for purification with high purity
  • Ideal for removal of specific impurities
  • Separation of components which have similar boiling points by distillation column tower
  • Metal removal and reduction of contained metals (ppb, ppt)

Continuous Distillation

  • Quickly process a large amount of raw materials with high purity achieving cost competitiveness
  • By using several distillation column towers, multicomponent can be removed and a desired product can be obtained at a time.
  • Ideal for removal of very small amount of impurities (impurities, odor, Coloring)
  • Applicable to metal removal and reduction of contained metals(ppb, ppt)
  • It reduces the thermal decomposition of compounds by suppressing thermal history.