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Solvent Recycle

We propose a solvent recycling.

We help you recycle and reuse the waste/solvent discharged in the production process.
Since we have established a system that can handle from taking over the waste solvent to distillation and reuse, we can recommend an optimal method for the customer.
We provide high quality products controlled under the metal management and the impurity management.

Business Description

Recycle of solvent

Reuse of solvent

Purification (Grade up) of general industrial products


Purification of solvents for electronic materials

We have established a thorough quality control system for metal management and impurity management.
With respect to the resin contained waste solvent and the waste which is difficult to be separated, those can be distilled with our high technology.

Purification of solvents for pharmaceutical intermediates

Highly remove impurities (isomers and components which are difficult to be separated) and regenerate the solvent.
Use the impurity management system (ppm).

Major recycled solvent

PGME, PGMEA, IPA, NBAC, Acetone, Methanol and others

Benefits of recycling solvents

It can greatly reduce the cost by purchasing a recycled solvent than purchasing a new solvent.
You can reduce the disposal cost.
By promoting a recycling-oriented society, you can contribute to the conservation of the global environment.